“Come Upstairs, Mommy.” 

It’s the little moments that define us.  They define our strengths and they also define our weaknesses.

I planned to write about this topic a year ago, when we still lived in our two-story home in the city.  We have since moved into our custom designed dream home. This is a dream home because I no longer have many situations where I can’t do what my daughter asks of me.

“Come upstairs, Mommy,” my daughter would say to me several times a day.  Her bedroom was upstairs.  Her “nook” was up the stairs.  She loved playing in the tub in the upstairs bathroom.  Additionally, she had a fun train track in the attic that was up two flights of stairs.

“Come upstairs, Mommy. And play with me, please.” At that young age, she had no concept of my disability.  She didn’t understand what I meant when I would reply that I couldn’t.  The disappointment I felt when I couldn’t follow her to go play was hard. Of course we had plenty to do and play with once I was downstairs for the day, but her room and nook were special places for her. She was inviting me to come into them and share moments with her.

What a blessing it is to live in a one-story home.  Today she played Legos in her playroom and I simply rolled in on my scooter (that I use full time now).  I look back on those days when I had to say no and I still feel a little bit of sadness in the moments that I missed.  

But today I can rejoice in the memories that I will be making every day from here on out.  God’s timing is prefect. That doesn’t mean that His timing comes without hardship or struggles, but when we endure, the outcome will be more glorious than we imagined.

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