Charlotte Mason, Homeschool

Getting Ready for Charlotte Mason

Our homeschool will officially start on June 4th with Form 1B, following the Charlotte Mason philosophy.  This will be our first year with a packed curriculum covering a full range of subjects, year-long focus, and more priority on academics. FORM WHAT? Welcome to the world of Charlotte Mason. Form 1B is equivalent to 1st grade. … Continue reading Getting Ready for Charlotte Mason


A Mutant Without Super Powers

"I'm a Mutant without any super power." That's the little anecdote I often say to lighten the mood when talking about my medical condition.   Until early 2011, I had lived my entire life with a general diagnosis, determined by symptoms and assumptions. Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. I hit milestones as a baby; I was an… Continue reading A Mutant Without Super Powers


Use It or Lose It

"Use it or lose it" could possibly be one of the most damaging ideas out there to people with a degenerative muscle disease. The sentiment means that if you aren't moving, you will lose the ability to move. It's not wrong.  Inactivity can cause atrophy. I would guess that anyone who has had surgery or… Continue reading Use It or Lose It